brand story

“URSFUR is the leading supplier of fur hats and winter clothing accessories on the Internet. Our website provides the largest selection of fur hats and winter fur jacket accessories on the Internet with the best quality. We can directly provide the latest styles with high-quality ex-factory prices. YOURSFUR was established as a sub-brand in 2000.

YOURSFUR is derived from the pursuit of love and beauty in fur and seeks a balance between environmental protection and beauty. We choose fur farms and specialized farms. Through scientific farming methods, the fur of your fur is purely natural and has a natural luster.

Our finished products choose young designers and design concepts to provide meticulous service to young people who love life and pursue perfection. We use commercial manufacturing facilities to produce most of the products within 1-2 days after you place an order. It can be guaranteed that the product fur, leather, or sheepskin is fresh, and we also welcome custom design orders, so that you can feel the high-end customized services of high-luxury brands.

Quality is very important to us. We only use fresh, high-quality, high-quality furs and sheepskins. If you find other websites selling fur products at very low prices, it may be because they use cheaper recycled fur or inferior fur. The fur used in our products can be fresh, high-quality, thick, soft, and beautiful.

Each finished product must undergo a quality inspection before it leaves the factory. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the purchased item, you can return it for a full refund. Your satisfaction is our reputation, and we are proud to satisfy all customers. ”