Christmas is coming, and the holidays are over us all. It was during this time that we realized how important it is to focus on the essence. Family, our children and our friends, but don’t forget yourself.
Put on our rich variety of fur coats and spoil yourself and your loved ones. Yoursfur’s product range is so complicated that we have prepared the right gift for every taste.
Today, fur has become a valuable item that has been passed down from generation to generation, and it has been passed down with great joy and honor.
Fur is a classic, timeless, but it is reinvented every year. For you, we will do our best to continuously develop and further develop cutting and processing technology. Fur jackets are lighter, will not warm up, and will not lose their fashionable performance.

Mink, a timeless classic
Our timeless classic, the sheared mink coat, not only protects you from the cold of winter, but also attracts your envied eyes.
Mink fur coats are one of the most selected and valuable furs. The characteristic of this coat is its carrying capacity and longevity. The fur of this kind of mink is particularly resistant to wear because of its high abrasion resistance and fur stability.

Choose from all the products you are satisfied with as a Christmas gift!