2021 Colorful 7cm mini Cute Sakura Pom keychain With Mink Furry Luxury Fur Ball Handbag Accessories


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Product: Cute Sakura Pom keychain

Cute Sakura Pom keychain




  • Made of high-quality real mink fur
  • Metal key ring

Please note:

  • Real colors may vary slightly from the color on your screen. Check this product on several screens to have a better view.


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The Cute Sakura Pom keychain lady’s handbag pendant, the surface is made of real mink fur, it feels comfortable, the flowers are added with the element of Cherry blossoms, which is very advanced, the keyring part is made of metal materials, and the pressing design can be easily hung wherever you want. Let it appear where you can easily hold it with one hand, and it can be easily matched with any size backpack.

Cute Sakura Pom keychain bag hanging chain, each bag can be matched with different effects, whether it is a trendy bucket bag, a lady??s shoulder bag, or a small coin purse, it turns out that fur is not only luxurious but also artistic.

This mink fur ornament is now very suitable to appear on your key if you often can’t find your key.

It should also appear in your car as a car pendant.

It is also suitable to appear on your subway card, bus card, and ic card pendant.

It should appear in your Christmas gift list, for your lover, friends, family, the best birthday gift for your little girl.



How to care for your fur products?

Friendly Guide: Sakura Pom keychain may be squeezed during transportation. So when you receive it, you need to shake your fur. The real fur tail is elastic, so it will automatically return to fluffy.

Note: Because the Sakura Pom keychain is real fur, it is normal to have slight floating hair. Please blow it with a hairdryer or shake it gently before using it.


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Informazioni aggiuntive

Dimensioni7 cm

White + ginger yellow core, White+pink core, Cranberry + White Core, Smoke pink + white core, Ink blue + white core, Milk tea color + white core, Caramel color + white core, Wine red + pink core, Turmeric + white core, Light blue + white core, Lake blue + white core, Plum pink + white core, Dark green + white core, Color mixing, Gray + pink core, Flesh pink, Retro color, Black + pink core


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