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Genuine Rex Rabbit Fur Scarf with Pompon


Material: real warm and soft rex rabbit fur.Material: real warm and soft rex rabbit fur.
Size:73cm Long;9cm Wide;Pompom Diameter:8cm;
One size fits all;
Feature:Magnetic Buckle to secure in place;Fur both sides.
Rex Rabbit pom pom at end of scarf;Short Criss-Cross style
A Perfect Christmas Gift for your lovers!


Genuine Rex Rabbit Fur Scarf with Pompon

Brand Name:URSFUR

Having a beautiful rabbit fur scarf not only keeps you warm in winter, but you also need to decorate yourself in a stylish way.

This cute scarf has real rex rabbit fur and a complete fur design, which can satisfy both purposes at the same time.

It has a beige color and gives a retro feel. The pompom cross design at the bottom of the scarf is easy to wear and looks perfect on dresses, jackets and coats.

Friendly guide: The fur may be squeezed during transportation. Therefore, when you receive it, you need to shake the fur.

A real fur scarf is elastic, so it will automatically return to its fluffy state.

After receiving the package, please do not wear it immediately. Please take it to the outside space, don’t rain, shake it to make the floating hair disappear,

Then, please comb the fur from the top to the button to make the fur look more beautiful, not too hard, and it is best to use wood or bamboo.

It is not easy for fur to get dirty. Once it gets dirty, please take it to a fur cleaning shop, otherwise they will use small household machines for cleaning.

Due to the difference of light and computer monitor, the color may be slightly different from our picture; please manually measure the measurement difference of 1-2cm.

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Beige, Pink, Sapphire, white


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