797 AUDIO CD1-3A Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone

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  • Optimized technical design
  • Upgraded dynamic transducer intended for perfect sound reproduces
  • Light weight yet rugged construction 
  • Polar Pattern: Hyper-Cardioid 
    Frequency Range(Hz): 50-12,000 
    Sensitivity(dB)(1000Hz): -54
    Output Impedance(ohm)(1000Hz): 600 
    Size (mm): Φ 39*190 
    1.Before installing microphone , adjust volume of microphone channel of Mixer/Amp to mute, turn off phantom power and set microphone Gain at min. 
    2.To avoid mechanical noise, carefully moving microphone during operating. 
    3. Not cover microphone by unprofessional device, as polar pattern may be affected. 
    4. To obtain full performance, please install microphone with professional standard device. 
    5. Clean microphone with dry and soft cloth. 
    Most common problem you met may be No Sound. Try figuring it out as follows: 
    1.In case you have more than one microphone, try others to see if problem comes from microphone, cable, or other devices. 
    2. Verify that 48V DC phantom power is present. 
    3. Make sure microphone cable is matched with microphone. 
    4. Output of phantom power need to be connected well with inputs of amplifying devices, which normally labeled " mic in "
    5. Verify status of cables connection. Adjust volume of amplifier to appropriate position.